Improve Attendee Satisfaction + Boost ROI

Custom Cell Phone Charging Stations For Your Guest

A Premium Experience

What sets your hotel apart? Whether you’re known for premium rooms, exceptional service, or stunning amenities, your guests chose you because you provide an unforgettable experience. Shouldn’t that start as soon as they arrive?

Relax & Recharge

At busy times, your guests are often left to wait in the lobby before someone is available to check them in. No one likes to stand on line, but making the waiting experience less stressful is a simple way to improve the guest experience. While many would use this time to catch up on emails, phone calls, and social media, hours of traveling have likely left them with a dead cell phone battery. Providing your guests with a way to recharge their mobile devices while they wait to be checked in is a luxurious touch sure to make a lasting impression.

Lasting Impressions

InCharged cell phone charging stations not only provide a valuable service for your guests, but they also provide valuable marketing real estate for you. Our mobile charging kiosks have 20” HD screens that are perfect for advertising specials at your restaurant, services from your spa, and upcoming events that may prompt guests to return. InCharged phone charging stations come in freestanding, wall-mounted, and table-top variations to fit whatever space you have, and can be covered in a custom skin that matches your decor. If you prefer a more subtle approach, our InBox can be placed in or on just about any furniture you like without affecting the ambience of your space.