The Number One Amenity All Music Festivals Need in 2020

If you’re a music lover, you know that summer is prime time for all of the biggest music festivals. Some of the larger festivals such as Bonnaroo, Coachella, and Firefly may have already happened this year, but there are still plenty of music festivals of all genres and sizes left this summer, and some even go well into the fall. With so many different flavors of festivals out there, there’s no way they could all share a single common issue, right? Wrong.

Safe Mobile Charging Kiosks for Music Festivals

Cell phone charging is one of the biggest obstacles facing music festivals today. With locations varying from crowded, urban settings to remote forests and fields, supplying an adequate amount of consistent power can be a tall order, especially when you consider everyone else that needs that power.   The artists need power for their instruments, the technicians need power for the PA equipment, lights, and video, the festival staff needs power to make sure they can continue running the festival smoothly- and that doesn’t even take the power for the vendors and possible RV hookups.

So where does that leave the festival goer with the dead battery? Typically, it leaves them with 2 options: make the trek back to your car (if you can) and hopefully charge your phone there, or attempt to find a source of power where you can safely charge your phone. Over the years, festival organizers have gotten better about meeting their attendees’ needs by providing cell phone charging stations, but providing an adequate amount of stations always seems to be an issue.

InCharged CEO Jessica Gonzalez recalls her very first activation at Firefly Music Festival back in 2012:

“This was early in the charging station industry but the need was huge. There were lines to come into the ‘Charge Up and Cool Down’ tent where the chargers were stationed. In the following years, I’ve gone to all the major music festivals when they’ve ordered our charging stations to make sure I’m on the pulse of what concert goers are looking for. From custom designed charging solutions for a 4 day camp site at Bonnaroo to the city backdrop of Governors Ball, all of the events have a different need but they always need more charging power.”

Mobile charging options are becoming faster, safer, and more diverse with every year, so choosing charging stations that meet the needs of your festival has never been easier. From secure charging lockers to tabletop charging units, festival organizers and vendors have the power to offer a widely sought-after amenity that can benefit their business.

RFID Cell Phone Charging Lockers

Many of the mid to large size music festivals are now using RFID (radio frequency identification) wristbands to handle festival admission, but also monetary spending on the grounds of the festival. Rather than carry a wallet or worry about losing cash or credit cards, festival goers frequently have the ability to load funds onto their wristband to spend around the festival grounds. While these wristbands don’t require charging, if festival goers want to add more funds to their wristband via their phone without waiting in line to do it manually, they won’t be able to do so with a dead battery.

Even if your festival doesn’t use RFID, making sure you have sufficient charging areas is crucial. InCharged CEO Jessica Gonzalez recalls “there has never been a festival activation where I felt the charging was totally covered. People were always waiting for plugs and asking around for other locations.”

Offering Cell Phone Charging Stations at Festivals

To help keep your attendees happy, make sure to have a proper amount of charging stations in highly trafficked areas. If you have a main stage and a handful of smaller stages with a smaller capacity, consider how many people will be moving through those areas when making your charging station placement choices. Additionally, if you’re a vendor, consider purchasing a charging station to set up alongside your booth or stand. It’ll boost the appeal of your business, increase foot traffic, and give you a leg up over the competition.

The bottom line is that providing adequate charging promotes spending on the festival grounds, which is good news for artists, promoters, vendors, and organizers alike. Keeping your attendees’ devices charged does allow them to spend more money on the grounds, but it also facilitates a boost in online presence by making sure they have the means to post content about your festival around the clock. Additionally, keeping your attendees’ charged keeps them safe and happy by making sure they always have a way to stay in touch with friends and family… that is, as long as there’s cell reception.

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