Level Up Your Next Event with the InCharged Photo Booth

Photos have a greater sentimental value attached to them that makes them special and these are something we click when we feel to capture the moments that make us excited as well as happy. Every event and event organizers are using the event photo booths for showing this excitement to enhance the engagement of the audiences. Especially events, which are in the form of social gatherings are the capturing the ground for photos, also the event organizers are capturing the individual love of clicking photos and taking them to the next level with the installation of photo booths that are all set with the props, cameras, gadgets, and much more.

Brand Marketing Opportunities

Brand Marketing Opportunities

Nowadays, photo booths have gained huge popularity and have captured the events efficiently whether those are seminars, conferences, trade shows, and conventions. These are also a great way to make the events more exciting, engaging as well as more suitable due to which the attendees have all the fun they look for during the events as sometimes sitting idle, makes them feel exhausted or bored. However, you can focus on creating the booth more interactive as it can help in delivering the most memorable experience to the audiences for which you can also use the advanced technology solutions to enhance their engagements and taking their experience to the next level. These are also popularly known as experiential marketing that also allows attendees to share their experience as well as their thoughts regarding the event over social media platforms.

Designing the finest photo booth – tips and tricks

Although photo booths contribute to great success as it is essential to have a design that goes well with the event as well as agenda and it can be professional or DIY but you need to be sure that it should be attractive, interactive as well as creative. The best thing you can do is to identify the needs of your photo booth depending on the theme of the event as well as the audiences. Furthermore, the event organizers either organize the events occasionally or regularly so if you are among them who organize the events occasionally then you can go with the DIY setup otherwise you can go with the professional setup which also eliminates the constant hassle for the events. Here are few of the aspects that you need to look while planning for the incorporation of the photo booth –


If you want to make the event personalized then you can offer the accessories to the audiences that are mainly related and relevant for the theme of the event, merely trendy, and social media-friendly. However, you can use hashtag stickers, wigs, masks, costumes, sunglasses, and various other things that can make the attendees enjoy the event in a better way. If you want to keep the events personalized, then the relevant strategies as the accessories can help you to gain more leads as it can also act as a tag or brand plug that you can use in the photos of the attendees that you are uploading from the photo booth.

Socialize the moments

It is a great way to gain huge popularity through offline events over online platforms, especially social media which is much laborious as well as challenging for gaining the huge attention of the users. So, you should encourage the attendees to share their photos over social media that is also an advantageous tactic for the event which you are exposing to the large audiences out there. You can also incorporate the digital photo booth with the use of the internet as well as social media that is a great way to make the process convenient and user-friendly for the attendees. Besides, you can also use it as a tactic to gather some basic information of the attendees that you can use in the future for retargeting the customers and gaining more leads.

Exhibit real-time interactive social walls

A social wall is mainly known as a smart tool that you can use to showcase the content from social media with the use of relevant hashtags, mentions, as well as various other things to efficiently display on the digital screen. You can make connections by linking the photo booth as well as the social media wall display where you can display the photos, gifs, as well as the videos captured by the attendees on the social wall in real-time. Furthermore, you can also set up a live photo album with the use of social wall beside your photo booth which is also the most efficient way as it allows you to display social media posts that also depict the engagement of the users with your photo booth. It also encourages the users to share their photo booth images online which are also a great way that you can use to promote the hashtag for the events which can be used by various users while uploading their photos on the social media platforms. It not only enhances the engagement of the attendees but also makes them excited to get featured on the social wall and you can also have the access to personalize the design according to your requirements as well as preferences.

Strategic placement

Whether it is designing or setup, your efforts can go waste without a photo booth at the busy crowded as well as unavoidable places and it does not mean that you can place it anywhere, but you need to make strategies for the incorporation. If you will place the digital photo booth strategically then it can keep the attendees at your booth for longer, enhancing their stay as well as engaging time. It will also attract more and more attendees to the booth resulting in higher exposure for the event and extra tweaks to redirect and divert the unresponsive audiences to the booth.

Photo Booth

The Digital Photo Booth

The photo booths are also gaining positive results for the events as well as if you are integrating the social media and technology with the real-time updates; it means you can gain better results than expected. Today, photo booths are also known as a source of entertainment that you can use for enhancing the interaction, recreations, sharing, and creating memorable experiences for the audiences. With better strategies for the attraction and engagement of the audiences along with the social sharing you can make the photo booths a great way for providing promotional opportunities, better reach as well as interaction with the events in the booth on both online as well as offline platforms.

Different booths that you can use for your event

Photo booth is a great way to capture the events for the attendees before you share them on social media which is also known for perfect marketing resulting in the event success. They are also suitable for any type of event whether it is a conference or trade show as you just need to choose the theme accordingly that matches your venue. Here are different booths that you can incorporate at your event venue –

GIF Booth

You can incorporate the GIF booths to put together the series of images or videos that you can use to create an animation that is also suitable for sharing on social media platforms with interesting as well as funny captions. Moreover, GIFs are also gaining huge popularity for communicating as well as bringing the uniqueness at your event with the use of innovative layout for the traditional photo booth that can also enhance the look of the venue.

Selfie mirror

Today, everyone is crazy about taking selfies and when the attendees are at the event they take selfies regularly to share their experience on the social media platforms. However, if you are incorporating the selfie mirror then you can keep them satisfied as well as engaged as these are the great way to capture the moments in a better way by providing them the opportunities for taking the hand-free selfies as well as the digital touch screen display for easy operation.

Sitting Sofa

With the incorporation of the sitting sofa, you can enhance the experience of the attendees by allowing them to take photos in an informal style. The couch should be accommodated for various people that can keep the picture funny as well as engaging, and you can also place them strategically to keep the attendees engaged throughout the event. Furthermore, you can also incorporate the digital screen so that the attendees can position them efficiently to capture the images.


The most attractive way to keep the attendees on the booth for longer is through frames due to the increasing trend of the DIY photo booths. The empty frames plays a greater role in creating cool and unique effects that everyone likes but the most efficient and reliable way is to use the hashtags as well as the signs that enhances the brand marketing opportunities. You can use the traditional frames for the guests where they can pose and use another fun way to capture the moments efficiently for capturing the moments.

How can a photo booth be a reliable option for your next event?

The photo booths are mainly important when you are organizing the events for social gathering and these are very essential when you want to enhance the visibility of your brand. If you will make the booths more personal, then you can gain the following benefits –

It encourages spontaneity

If you are hiring a photo booth, it does not mean you are replacing the services of the professional event photographer but these are a great way to enhance your brand visibility. If the people will have access to the open photo booth in your event, it means they can have a greater degree of creativity, fun, and spontaneity that also enhances their engagement.  However, the photographer only captures the event highlights but the photo booth allows attendees to capture hundreds of candid moments that also attract people who want to become more spontaneous as well as hilarious.

It is guest-friendly

If you are not tech-savvy, then you can choose the concept of photo booth to make the event a better experience of the attendees as it is a high-tech open booth that can become complicated for the guests as well. However, the great thing about technology is that it is becoming much simpler to use as nowadays, the photo booth is not only for young people anymore. With the advancement of the technology, it is now using the simple touchscreen menus as well as wireless remote triggers due to which most photo booth providers are also including attendees to their packages.

It does not compel guests

Most guests feel at ease while having fun but the main problem is that the professional customers can make them conscious as well as shy which also withdraws their interest from the event. The people also get intimidated as they get worried that they will not look good for which an instant camera is the most reliable option for entertainment. It allows the audiences to use at their own convenience otherwise; it stays within the background of the event without imposing or intimidating. It also makes the guests ease as they know that they can get pictures on their own terms or they gain encouragement from their loved ones to capture the more genuine photo.

Advanced Technology Solutions

Advanced Technology Solutions

It makes the event more memorable

Party favors are always great additions to the events but there is nothing better than providing your guests with the solutions of downloading and printing the memories at the same time. Nothing is better than preserving the spirit of your events more as well as its attendees than a photo booth and it is becoming more desirable if the photo booth can print your photos on the spot which also leaves the audiences with a positive impression.

It has props

Events are just like the rollercoaster ride as they also have the high and low moments which means you should always have a backup plan of entertainment to keep the attendees engaged. However, if you are hiring the photo booths, it means you are taking your events to the next level as various individuals take self-portrait photos as well get entertained with the act. Furthermore, photo booths also provide a similar experience but in a customized manner which also allows guests to strike a pose while using any of the various props at their disposal.

It does need any work for maintenance

The best part about photo booths is that they do not need your attention while organizing the events and it allows you to focus more on the tasks to keep the party interested as well as involved. You can have a staff attendant in the booth with whom you can rest assured that the booth runs smoothly and some providers can make their photo booth accessible only at the certain points of the events which also helps you to spread out the rental time, ensuring that it can be used only when there are more guests at your venue.

Its photos are customizable

The great thing about photo booths is that you can mold it according to the theme and requirement of your venue and you can also put some details to make your photos memorable for the guests which also provide a creative way to stay consistent with the theme of your party. Furthermore, you can also customize the look of your photo booth according to your provider and you can choose the booths from the available open-air as well as curtained booths for brand marketing opportunities that fit the needs of your guests as well.

It is affordable

Traditionally, the photo booths were expensive and only the bigger firms or the celebrities use them for parties but now with the increasing use of these booths, they are now used by every event organizer to enhance their brand visibility as well as to make the attendees involved. Nowadays, photo booths are more accessible regardless of the event size as well as the budget so these are the most reliable option for the events.

Whether you are hosting a trade show, conference, or music festival, it is always better to use innovative ways to gain more leads but you need to be sure that your guests know about all the fun as well as exciting things. You should forget about your photo booth which is again the most efficient tactic that you can use to gain the attention of the attendees as well as to keep them engaged throughout the event.

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