InCharged Launches InFuse Slim Moblie Charging Station

InCharged has released a more advanced cell phone charging station – The Infused Slim that weighs merely 12 pounds and is merely portable than the InFuse Model A. According to Jessica Gonzalez, the founder and CEO of the Incharged said that they had hosted focus groups that conducted surveys with various global clients. She further added that the InFuse Slim charging station has some improvements – a larger widescreen that is 16:9 and a crisp 1366 x 768 HD display monitor. Furthermore, the Slim has 11 charging ports that accommodate 95% of the handheld devices in the market. The most interesting thing about the InFuse Slim is that the USB port and the power cord are hidden without any fan interference.

This event cell phone charging station rental has in-built knobs that control the LED backlights and volume more effectively. The National Association of Programming Executives and The National Home Builders Association are the two clients who are getting maximum benefits at their 2014 Annual meeting by using the InFuse Slim charging station. The new InFuse Slim charging station is a sleek tabletop or wall-mounted kiosk that is of 12 pounds and has a depth of three inches.

Portable cell phone charging station

Portable Cell Phone Charging Station

The newly designed mobile station has a variety of wireless charging capabilities that you will surely need for your events or festivals. Gonzalez further added that in the second and third quarters of 2014, InCharges will go further in the competition by introducing the technology that enables to deploy of the fully charged stations to the clients which means that the activation will not need any electricity. During the year, various festivals are hosted, and in such situations power is the main issue for the producers of the show, and this portable cell phone charging station is an add-in response to the segment of our marketplace. The Infuse Slim is:

  • The complete branding package – At InCharged, we use the latest technology to make our cell phone charging kiosks to be the simplest to use. No doubt, it is difficult to find easily accessible surface where you can place the charging stations, but the Infuse Slim can eliminate the need for external resources as it only needs a power outlet. The InFuse Slim is designed with the motive to make it easier for you to handle the event effectively with the maximum engagement of the people. You get the benefit of dual options of tabletop and the standing models to provide charging power in all the possible ways. You can easily assemble the Infuse Flex and that even within a few minutes as compared to the traditional charging-station due to which it is considered to be the best in class open-port charging station.
  • The most advanced cell phone charging kiosk – Weighing 12 pounds, and presenting itself in a deep frame, the InFuse has the features of the thinnest, lightest, and fastest free-standing cell phone charging kiosk. These units are mainly equipped to provide fast wireless cell phone charging for mobile devices that have wireless charging capabilities.
  • Branding your custom cell phone charging station – The Infuse Slim provide audio capabilities that has features of external volume controls, and light dimmers for the LEDs that has 12 charging tips. All InFuse Flex models have a wide HD color monitor for your media with Wi-Fi capabilities, and a hidden USB port if you are in need to make any changes.

Event Cell Phone Station Rental

Event Cell Phone Station Rental

What are the various benefits of event cell phone charging station rental?

InCharged mobile charging stations are the most preferable solution with which you can keep the engagement of the customers by enhancing their experience. No one wants to stay longer at any place with a dead or low battery, even if it is a music festival, a hospital or a college campus and they prefer to leave the place immediately to charge their cell phones. InCharged is here with the solution of event cell phone charging station rental that is perfect for your drained cell phone battery. Whether you are arranging the conferences, festivals, or any other events, InCharged rents various charging stations for the venues with a motive to help you gain the interest of the customers and their attentiveness.

If you want to engage with your customers, prolong your relationship with them, gain more loyal customers, and enhance your reach, the portable cell phone charging station is an option for you, as you get various opportunities to develop a meaningful connection with your customers.

  • It keeps the attendees at your booth for longer – With the incorporation of the charging stations, you can keep the attendees at your booth for a longer period, as you get the opportunity to introduce your current promotions, service offerings, and new products through the HD display of the kiosk. It is a great way to keep the attention of the attendees in your event while they wait for their phones to get fully charged especially when the exhibitor’s staff are busy. Additionally, you can change the images or videos on the displays if you want to convey the essential messages of the meetings to the attendees.
  • In enhances the dwell time and engagement of the attendees – If you have the preferable charging stations at your booth you can enhance the staying time of the customers, as well as enhances their engagement. Their interest increases when they are charging their phones, and are free to attend your event without any distraction.
  • Builds brand buzz – If you want to improve the identity of your brand, then you can place the logo, name, or QR codes on the kiosks. With this you can make your guest to remember your brand for a longer period, resulting in gaining more leads.
  • Sponsors can deliver their message to the captive audiences – If you are more concerned about the cost, you have an option to sell unlimited sponsorships, as the displays on the top of the kiosks can deliver the content related to the education and entertainment through the videos, social channels, and contests. 
  • Departs you from the competition by creating an effective recharge booth – Create the booths where attendees can charge their devices while grabbing their refreshments, as they can relax while recharging their cell phones. You can create a living room look to make them feel comfortable while relaxing and from where they can view your conferences or events, by enhancing their engagement and interests.Cell Phone Charging Station

Whether you own a business or going to host an event, a phone charging station is a worthwhile investment so make sure to keep everything simple. If you are considering renting a phone charging station, and here are a few things that you need to take care of, and here is how.

  • Audiences – You need to estimate the audiences that are going to attend your event, and accordingly prefer to incorporate the charging stations. Mainly, a phone charging station can charge up to 500 devices simultaneously, so make sure to estimate the audiences that will attend your event.
  • Location – You should consider the place where you can store a freestanding or portable charging unit before choosing the suitable phone charging stations. Make sure to estimate the locations where you can place the portable cell phone charging station, as will save your time and efforts.
  • Speed – The most essential thing that you should consider while choosing a suitable cell phone charging station is the speed. Generally, you should check the speed of USB ports, if the speed will be more, the more effective it will charge the phone. However, if you want to charge your device quickly and efficiently, you can choose a charging station that has the ports of high-speed. If your charging devices have optimum current then it will take time to fully charge the battery, so make sure that the charging stations can provide the preferable power needed by the devices.
  • Accessibility – While choosing the suitable phone charging station, make sure to check its accessibility to charge the Apple or Android devices with the suitable USB cables that can charge multiple devices at a time.


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