InCharged CEO Jessica Gonzalez Speaks Out with Gov. Murphy Supporting Net Neutrality

Net neutrality has been a hot button issue for the past few years.  Back in December 2017, members of the FCC rolled back net neutrality rules originally put in place to protect consumers to the chagrin of consumers and lawmakers alike.  The repeal of these rules was done under the guise of allowing more growth for telecom companies who felt throttled by neutrality restrictions, but its seen as a threat to consumers’ and businesses’ right to equal access to the internet.

Net neutrality is the belief that all internet service providers (ISPs) should treat all internet traffic the same.

Now that these protections have been repealed, ISPs could potentially charge customers or businesses for “fast lane” access to the internet for premium prices, essentially throttling speeds to a crawl for anyone who doesn’t pay up.  It also allows telecom companies to “prioritize” websites or content that they own, skewing what information individuals can easily access.

In an attempt to resist these potentially harmful changes in policy, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has signed an executive order requiring that “all internet service providers wanting to do business in NJ adhere to the principles of net neutrality. “  According to a tweet from Gov. Murphy, the state of New Jersey “will contract only with ISPs who support a free and open internet.”

Our very own Jessica Gonzalez, CEO of InCharged, shared her views on net neutrality at a press conference with Gov. Murphy.

“Net neutrality helps and protects tech companies like mine.  Without net neutrality, business and communities around New Jersey will suffer. Having a free and open internet allows for people to find us, consumers to get more information about our product and help small businesses like us, who don’t have a lot of marketing budget, get creative and reach consumers” says Gonzalez.

Montana and New York have also signed their own executive orders outlining similar ISP requirements for businesses in their states, suggesting that many states agree with Gov. Murphy’s negative views of the FCC’s recent repeal.  Murphy’s executive order is not only great news for InCharged, it’s a fantastic step forward for businesses and consumers across the state of New Jersey.

We’re proud to support net neutrality for our business and for each and every consumer.  Having equal and fair access to the internet allows us to keep our charging stations connected and, more importantly, helps business owners, event planners, and consumers have unfettered access to the internet without breaking the bank.

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