Important Is To Clean The Kitchen and how LuxUVC help you In Cleaning

Whether you work in a museum, restaurant & cafes, hotels, or a corporate kitchen. Cleanliness is the cornerstone to maintain a healthy environment. It’s very difficult to clean the kitchen accessories especially if they contain stubborn grease that does not clean easily. LuxUVC a janitorial company offers you the commercial cleaning services and removes the debris or dust from the kitchen. We have innovative tools and professional-grade cleaning products such as UVC Germicidal Light and UV Light Disinfection. These disinfectors are eco-friendly plus clear the surface in a short period. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that more than fifty percent of unwellness is generated from the kitchen area. Sanitary kitchen is very important to reduce the outspread of bacterias’ that prevail in the air and cause illnesses. 


Kitchen Cleaning

If you already use every solution for appropriate deep cleaning and are not satisfied then contact LuxUVC commercial cleaning company with professional cleaning products and tools that can offer you cheap yet quality cleaning services. Apart from the cleaning of regular pieces of equipment, there are other areas that need cleaning on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. If you need to know how LuxUVC can assist you in the services then below are the key points that our well-experienced workers use to provide standard commercial kitchen cleaning.

  1. Disinfecting The Hard Surface And Drawing Board.

LuxUVC’s workers always start cleaning from the countertops and hard surfaces because the surfaces are the breeding ground of bacteria. It is the busiest and frequently uses the surface for food preparation so it requires cleaning several times a day. We detach the rubbish bins and drizzle the UV light disinfection spray on the surface and wipe off with the soft cloth. We usually drizzle the solutions From 8-12 inches away from the surface. After sometime when the disinfector dries then place back the commodity.

If you see any dried food spots or beverage spills on the countertop then remove them with warm soapy water after soft brush. And when it comes to cleaning the tiles, we have our tile disinfectants. It completely cleans the grimes and bacterias’.  

  1. Cleaning All Major Appliances And Equipment Maintenance.

The most important process to regularly clean the major used appliances and equipment. Our well-trained workers use the UVC germicidal light and wipe down all the extensive gadgets including toasters, microwaves, and coffee makers. To make your business on peak LuxUVC offers you deep cleaning every week and month. In the paramount device our worker especially clean:

  • Grills: Grillers generate most grease,and ash. Our workers always remove the grime and ash with the brush after use. And to disconnect the grease our workers wipe it off with warm soapy water. Empty the drip trays which work below your burners.
  • Frayers: Frayers contain so many dangerous microorganisms, so the cleaning crew always boils the frayer you use twice in a week.
  • Ovens, Microwaves, And Ranges: The microwaves, ranges, and ovens contain grimes and grease so in a week our cleaning staff wipes the walls, doors, and racks.
Ovens, Microwaves, And Ranges Cleaning
Ovens, Microwaves, And Ranges Cleaning
  • Flattops, Cooktops, And Burners: The flattops, cooktops, and burners generate so many bacterias’. So the cleaning crew takes the UVC germicidal light or warm soapy water to scrub these surfaces.
  • Refrigerator Cleaning: Cleaning the refrigerator coil every few months with the bristle brush and vacuum the grimes from the floor. To avoid the mud regularly drain the pans and tubs.
  1. Clean The Ventilators And Hoods

The hoods and vents have so much sticky grease attached that they can restrict airflow in your kitchen space. LuxUVC being a professional cleaning service provider understands the benefits and importance of the appropriate ventilation system. We wash the hoods and vents after a few months but if the client needs sooner or if the chefs use the deep fryer then we clean on daily. We also clean the filters as per the instructions given in the service manual. And if our workers find any rips and tears in the filter they immediately remove it.

  1. Disinfecting The Ceiling, Walls, And Floors.

In the kitchen area the food particles and the spots of grease on the floors, ceiling, and walls make them look dirty along with that visiting of customers creates a mess. The walls and ceiling can be clean after two weeks or months. 

  • Floors: Floors are the most important things that attract your guest to visit again at your place. Dirty floors and foot traffic of customers add chaos. Our workers give deep cleaning at the end of the day. We start our cleaning with vacuuming the floor that removes the dry dust and dirt. After that, the cleaning crew scrubs the floor either with vinegar, or warm water, or if needed then heavy-duty cleaning solution including (UV Light Disinfection, UV disinfection system, UV light cleaner, UVC Germicidal light, and more). The cleaning machine takes less time to disinfect but scrubbing with hands is more effective to clean the hard-to-reach spaces easily. If your floor has sticky grease then avoid using regular cleaning solutions and use UVC Germicidal light.
  • Ceiling And Walls: Your cleaning staff may periodically wipe off the splatters but LuxUVC workers mob the ceiling and walls rigorously two weeks and on a monthly basis. The airborne grease leaves the foul odors and blemish. For cleaning the walls and ceiling our cleaning crew uses soft bristle brush, and wash fabric cloth to remove the debris.
  1. Cleaning Of Washing Stations

The sinks are used for many purposes like washing utensils, dishes, and ingredients daily. It’s crucial to clean the smudge. Our cleaning crew drizzle the UV Light Disinfection and wipe the backsplash. To stop the spots we delime the commercial sinks and faucets on a weekly basis.

The commercial cleaning sink uses a lot of grease and oil that can block your pipes and drains. We use our own degreasers that improve breakdown and water quality.

  1. Disinfect The Storage Areas

Keep on storing the solutions in the cabinets and pantries. We also clean your storage while doing crumbs, dust, and other litter with the soft microfiber cloth and vacuum attachment. We mob the cabinets and other storage areas grime, soft bristle brush, cleaner, and grease. We also use warm water soap and vinegar. 

A Cleaning hack Every Woman knows.

1) For conventional cleaning baking soda has many different uses.

a) While making homemade bread and cakes the sticky stains can only be removed from baking soda.

b) The baking soda can whiten your teeth and be effective for kitchen appliances and proves to be eco-friendly, cheap, and reliable. If you want to have a straight teeth you might want to consider Invisalign.

c) Remove the conventional cleaner and detonate the dangerous chemical that has an unpleasant smell with baking soda.

Various Cleaning Hacks
Various Cleaning Hacks

2) Cleaning The Burners With Ammonia.

The stoves generate the heavy grease and dirt, Whenever you fray the sticky grates it has more grease which is more difficult to clean. To clean these greases use some ammonia.

3) Cleaning the Toaster

Cleaning a toaster device is a very difficult task. Because while toasting many small bread crumbs stay inside which turns as debris and dirt. You can easily clean with the toaster squeaky. You don’t have to worry about the germs while making breakfast. 

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