How to Clean Salons when Re-opening in COVID?

A thorough cleaning of the salon or the spa was done even before the outbreak of COVID-19, because salon needs that regular cleaning to remove the hair, wax strips, litter regarding makeup, and more. But due to outbreak of coronavirus, all business got shut so as salons also. For now, people are slowly reopening the doors of the salon but with additional hygiene and cleaning, simultaneously turning their behavior into new normal. Its essential not only for wellness business holder but for all business owners to welcome their clients into a clean and safe space. 

Cleaning Of Hair Salon
Cleaning Of Hair Salon

This is the time to show your clients that along with quality services you care for their health also. Provide your customers satisfaction regarding cleaning that they feel comfortable and safe. Inform them about the step you have taken in concern of cleaning and sanitization for your salon, or wellness business.

How To Clean The Salon Before Reopening?

Do Proper Research

When it comes to reopening of the salon during the COVID-19, then it is always best to hire the well-experienced team for cleaning. The Cleaning & Disinfecting Decision Tool provide the appropriate cleaning guidance regarding the areas and surfaces need to be clean with the help of UV cleaning device before you open the doors with confidence. If you hire the expert janitorial service, then they have strong knowledge from where to start.

Always start with the government jurisdiction guidelines related to the personal business care like the salon, spa, before cleaning make-sure that your team would understand the EPA criteria and as per those criteria which disinfector will suit against the COVID-19. It’s essential to learn the significant difference between the sterilizing, disinfecting, sanitizing, and cleaning.

  • Cleaning: The impurities, dirt, and germs can be removed with water and soap, and Cleaning & Disinfecting Decision suggests cleaning the surface first before disinfecting.
  • Sanitization: By using the appropriate product, the sanitization diminishes the bacteria. Every UV cleaning device product shows the using ways on the product packaging along with ingredients list.

For example, the salon needs to sanitize the bed as various customer lay down for their skin treatment. The proper way to sanitize is to use UV light bed cleaner product.

  • Disinfecting: Removing the pathogenic microorganisms and other organisms from the surface the significant disinfectants are used for purifying the surface.
  • Sterilization: The sterilization is used to kill all forms of life, such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

In your research do include the cleaning of various surfaces. 

  1. For the soft material or porous material upholstery chairs, carpeting, rugs can be disinfected before the next use. But cardboard files, buffers, etc. cannot be cleaned because they are only one-time useable item must be discarded.
  1. The non-porous material, like plastic, glass, or metal, can be clean first then disinfect.

Do thorough research because there is some stuff prohibited by the government like blow-drying/services because it requires close contact, whereas you can clean the dining/food areas, reception areas, saunas, etc. While cleaning considers the heating, air-conditioning, and refrigerating as government can ask for technical information related to cooling and heating system. 

Formulate a Cleaning Plan

Cleaning is always an essential part of salons, but after COVID-19, the reopening of salons need to create standard plans. These plans can be your new cleaning entente for adapting a life long new standard solution for reopening.

Disinfecting The Mirror Surface
Disinfecting The Mirror Surface

Disinfecting The Mirror Surface

For creating a plan, the elements include:

  • Enumerate all the equipment, areas, and surfaces that you need to clean. Highlight the high-touched surfaces and note how often it needs to clean. Also determine the shared workstations, office areas, computers etc.

Place all the items at your treatment rooms:

  1. Storage areas
  2. Carts
  3. Armrests/Chairs/Headrests
  4. Counters
  5. Mirrors
  6. Styling/treatment tools
  • Always give priority to the high-touched surfaces like surface when cleaning. The frequently touched areas are the bathroom, doorknobs, etc.
  • The equipment you have used during cleaning must be sterilized after every use. So plan so that you get a time to clean the computer after each service.
  • Along with creating a cleaning plan, create a cleaning schedule for your salon and inform all your employees to follow the cleaning schedule. Then divide the areas of cleaning on that schedule.
  • If your staff have limited time, then remove the items that are not in regular use example; waiting rooms, physical front-desk check-in, rugs, etc.

Inform your clients and staff to follow the cleaning/disinfecting conventions. In which they have to wash there hands before and after availing any service.

Stock Up The Cleaning Products To Keep Your Salon Clean

Always stock the supply of cleaning product before you initiate with cleaning part. The EPA considers the products list, which is very useful for cleaning surface and against COVID-19. In case you don’t have pipeline stock then you can have an alternative by making disinfectant by own. Take a one and half of bleach in a one liquid unit. Do this process till the time you don’t get an adequate supply. 

You also have to stock the supply that customers need before availing the services like hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent consistency of alcohol, adequate soap, and sanitizing wipes if the client asks for to use.

Give Training To Your Staff

It is essential to train the custodial staff and staff with new conventions. Make-sure they noted all the information on the handbook and informed them to follow the extremely important cleaning protocols. 

Make-sure you also consider the safety by providing PPE kits such as gloves and masks, etc.

Procedures Of Communication To Your Clients.

With the reopening of the salon create the communication protocols, because it may be some of your client nervous about making a visit. The medium through which you can communicate with your customers are:

  1. Social media
  2. Newsletters
  3. Signage in your facility
  4. Email
  5. Video chats before opening

Through these media, you can elaborate on the steps you are taking regarding cleaning. To make your salon stand out in your clients’ eyes to focus on the safety of customers!

Cleaning of the parlor
Cleaning of the parlor

What Department Of Public Health Recommends For Salons Worker?

  1. Duties

 It is the responsibility of the salon owner to maintain a sanitary condition to protect customers.

  1. Hand Washing

Always wash your hands with soap and water then dry it with an air dryer or cloth towel before offering any service or you can also rub your hand with hand sanitizer, but the sanitizer must have 60 percent of alcohol. Apply the sanitizer when the dirt is not visible, or hands are free of ointments, lotions, or products. Hand wipes and gloves are the alternatives, but hand wash is best.

  1. Cleaning

Before disinfecting clean the surface or item because it contains debris and litter that dispose of parts, then wash or clean the items and then dry it entirely before disinfecting. To clean the surface, take appropriate cleaning agent and if the cleaning agent is not in the proper container, then label it with the name of the product with instructions. 

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