What To Know About Electrostatic Sprayer Disinfectant And How It Works?

When it comes to cleaning the surfaces and objects, you mainly start with the traditional dry and wet dusting trends for thorough cleaning. You must have tried these cleaning techniques but these come in handy only when you wash your surroundings regularly. However, dry dusting is a great way to get rid of resting particles, redistributing them into the air and onto other surfaces while wet dusting can involve harmful cleaning chemicals and it sometimes makes it hard to reach certain spots or objects. Mainly, if the places are sensitive such as rooms, labs, healthcare facility cleaning, and schools, there is a more effective method for removing dirt, dust, and germs from the surfaces that need specialized sanitation and those are the electrostatic disinfectant sprayer

Electrostatic Sprayer Disinfectant
Electrostatic disinfectant sprayer

Electrostatic disinfection – What you need to know?

Mainly, the electrostatic disinfectant sprayer is a great way that you can use to get rid of harmful bacteria and germs for which all you can do is to spray an electrostatically charged mist on the surfaces and objects that are highly contaminated with bacteria and germs. However, these sprays use specialized solutions that are mixed with the air and atomized with an electrode that is inside the sprayer. The spray contains only the positively charged particles that can perfectly eliminate the germs from the surfaces and objects and it is due to the positively charged spray whose particles can cling to any surface and get coated on the area on which they are aimed at. 

If the places are hard to reach, the cleaning staff can set their point and begin with spraying as the nature of the mist allows it to coat surfaces perfectly and cover the object even if you are spraying the mist from one side. After you are done with applying the spray, the sanitizing agents then start with their work to disinfect the covered surfaces and eliminate the germs or bacteria. Due to the reason, electrostatic disinfectant sprayer is the most suitable option to get rid of the germs and contaminated areas.

The Working of electrostatic sprayer disinfection 

Electrostatic sprayer disinfectants are electrically charged that allow the appropriate sanitizers, mold preventatives, and disinfectants to cover around the surface and provide a protective coating for various types of surfaces that provides a complete cleaning. Mainly, the chemicals that are present in the electrostatic sprayer disinfectant always show a positive electrical charge which means that it works effectively to kill harmful bacteria and germs. Mainly, the droplets present there become attracted to all the negative surfaces that cover the visible area, underside, and backside that works effectively with the sanitizing agent. However, if the surfaces are already covered then it will repel the spray and works efficiently with the method used to disinfect the surfaces from the harmful germs and bacteria. 

What makes electrostatic spray disinfection reliable for your property?

If your property contains rooms or other areas that are more sensitive to dust or germs then electrostatic sprayer backpack can pay the essential role to clean all the surfaces and equipment in the rooms. No doubt electrostatic spray sounds like a more challenging method for the regular cleaning of commercial property but the truth is these can provide a thorough cleaning for the surfaces keeping your property free of germs or viruses.

Features and benefits of electrostatic sprayer disinfection

There are various benefits that you can gain from electrostatic sprayer disinfectants, but some of them are mainly essential for our daily routine – 

  • The electrostatic sprayer backpack reduces the time it takes to cover and disinfect the whole surfaces and hard-to-reach areas by 50% as compared to any other conventional methods. 
  • These are the most efficient ways to control the infection and the spread of viruses or germs that can make you severely ill. 
  • The most reliable benefit is that it applies chemicals in a more efficient and controlled manner that works conveniently to eliminate the dangers of overuse or causing illness. 

If we talk about desktops, floors, and walls that need to be absolutely spotless, you can use electrostatic sprays that are the most efficient way to keep them clean and hygiene. The same goes for equipment and the surfaces that are hard to reach as if the pieces of equipment are heavily trafficked, you can use electrostatic sprayer disinfectant for cleaning most comprehensively to remove germs and dirt.

Disinfection of mostly touched surfaces
Disinfection of mostly touched surfaces

What is the difference between disinfection, sanitation, and sterilization?

  • Disinfection – It uses antimicrobial agents mainly on the objects or surfaces that are non-living to destroy or inactivate microorganisms. You can use disinfectants for killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. Various disinfectants have to be used weekly or get inactive due to the organic matter such as dirt and feces. For example – You can use these disinfectants to remove the heavy debris by dry sweeping or using high volume pressure washing as you have to apply a sanitizing solution and then keep them to dry completely. 
  • Sanitation – You can use antimicrobial agents on objects, surfaces, or living tissues if you want to reduce the diseases causing organisms to non-threatening levels. However, sanitation does not affect any spores and viruses but you can do scrubbing, sweeping, or pressure washing to remove heavy-duty debris. For such purposes, you can use the detergent, rinse, apply sanitizers, and remove them with the pressure washing that is an effective way to remove dirt or dust.
  • Sterilization – Sterilization is mainly done with the chemicals, temperature, gas, or pressure to kill or inactivate the diseases that cause bacteria, spores, fungi, and viruses.  These are the most effective ways to remove debris and you can do so with sweeping or high volume pressure washing. You can rise with water or use detergent to clean the surfaces with the cleaning products that can eliminate the growth of germs or bacteria.

Prevent Control and Infection with Electrostatic Disinfection

Do you have any plans for protecting your staff, customers, and building occupants from the spread of harmful viruses that are causing serious illness? Especially, now when there is a threat of deadly viruses such as Coronaviruses or Nonoviruses that can cause severe illness. The prevention of the people from such illness is the best medicine so if you want to keep your workers or customers healthy then it means you need to take care of their health as well. However, electrostatic sprayer disinfectant can kill about 99.9% germs in just a few seconds and is the most effective solution for getting rid of the harmful germs of bacteria causing illness. 

The electrostatic sprayer disinfectant process works like powder coat paint where you can apply the solution with a low-pressure sprayer on the surfaces that are more contaminated with the virus or bacteria. The process also provides reliable coverage that makes it ideal for the large area facilities mainly for the schools, airports, camps, healthcare buildings, and various other places as these are the most efficient options for getting rid of severe illness. 

The LuxUVC powered by InCharged provides the most reliable solution for the infection control and prevention and provides electrostatic sprayer backpack, the most reliable solutions for – 

Electrostatic Sprayer Disinfection
Electrostatic Sprayer Disinfection
  • Aircraft disinfecting 
  • healthcare cleaning
  • medical and dental office cleaning services
  • hotel cleaning 
  • work camps cleaning
  • airport, bus, or public transportation cleaning

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