What Are The Various Cleaning Tips Suggested By LuxUVC For Refrigerator?

The refrigerator is the crucial device of the kitchen. It’s essential to clean from inside and outside, but generally, as you regularly clean the other household surfaces, similarly, you aren’t a clean fridge. The refrigerator contains stains, and food residue on the inner shelves and outer surfaces, whereas the perishable items, can give groovy scent when you open the fridge door.

For Instance: Milk spilled on the refrigerator shelves generates unpleasant smells. To maintain your fridge’s proper condition, LuxUVC suggests the following tips. And these steps include some natural as well as innovative human-made techniques. The natural products can be like dry cloth, water, dish soap, and soda; whereas human-made methods are UV light sterilization and UV light devices. These innovative techniques can save time and hassle and offer effective results.

Proper Cleaning Of Refrigerator
Proper Cleaning Of Refrigerator

LuxUVC’s refrigerator cleaning tips divided into four parts:


  • Rinse The Refrigerator

1) Remove All The Items From The Fridge 

  1. The first step is to take all the food out of the refrigerator and put it on the table because space would be comfortable with assessing the thorough cleaning of the fridge.
  2. The best time to clean the refrigerator is at the end of the week when the food level is low, as it will help fewer items to move out.
  3. Some of the food items remain fine when place on the counter for more than an hour but perishable food items. If left out more than an hour, then it comes in danger zone.
  4. It is constructive, having cooler during the summer season because it can make the food safety process much more manageable.
  5. During the cold weather, you get the leisure time to keep the food outside.

2) Dispose Of The Spoiled, Older, Indigestible, Or Any Putrid Food.

Throw out the older, indigestible, spoiled food if possible because consumption of it can lead you to food posing, or if you don’t want to throw this food, then seal the bag to prevent leakage or mold distribution. Thorough quarterly or yearly cleaning alerts you to clean those devices, which we wholly have forgotten.

  1. When you start the cleaning of the given item, then do check the use-by dates or expiration date.
  2. Throw those items out which do not consume by anyone in the house.

For Example, You stored the olives in the jar since from your party, and nobody consumes it, then throw the pot and make space.

3. Make sure you dispose of all the unnecessary and unpleasant smell food and then empty the dust bin

3) Draw-Off All Drawers, Shelvings, And Other Removeable Surface From Refrigerator

  1. If you take out the shelves and drawers from the refrigerator, then it provides you ease and makes your job completed quickly. Always place the racks near the sink so you can easily clean. 
  2. But you want quick cleaning, then it not compulsory to regularly clean the shelves, but if you wish to in-depth cleaning,  then shelving cleaning is obligatory.

4) Wash The Refrigerator’s Drawers, Shelving, And Other Surfaces By Hand.

It isn’t easy to wash the refrigerator’s item in the dishwasher because the drawers, shelving, and other surfaces cannot fit in the dishwasher. Instead of cleaning the items in the dishwasher, wash it with soft sponge, brush, and suds.

  1. If you have a cold glass shelf, then never wash it with hot water; otherwise, glass shatter. Instead, rinse with cold water or let the shelf come up at the room temperature then remove it.
  1. If you see any spot or stains on the shelf, then do not get aggressively use the power of hot water and ammonia. Alternatively, take a 1.5 ratio of water and ammonia and scrub after drying.
Cleaning Of Drawers, Shelving, And Other Surfaces
Cleaning Of Drawers, Shelving, And Other Surfaces
  1. After washing off, completely dry the drawers and racks before positioning back into the refrigerator.

5) Prepare The Cleaning Solution And Wipe The Interior Of The Refrigerator

To remove any significant stubborn stains, use the UV light sterilization or prepare a cleaning solution, and wipe off the surfaces with sponge or fabric cloth.

  1. It’s not mandatory to use the vigorous scented cleaner or soap to clean the interior of the fridge. You can also prepare a homemade cleaning solution:
  • In the one quart of the hot water, put two tablespoons of baking soda.
  • In three-part of hot water, put one part apple cider vinegar.
  1. If you don’t get satisfied with the prepared cleaning solution, then try using a dab of white toothpaste. It acts as a harsh cleaner and removes the unpleasant odor.

6) Don’t Forget To Clean The Inside Portion Of The Fridge Doors

The refrigerator door frequently used then clean that area too. You can clean it with a chemical cleaner or UV light device. And wipe off excess water with a clean cloth and place back in the refrigerator.

7) Clean the Gasket

The undiluted bleach destroys the integrity of the gasket. To clean it properly, prepare a half cup of water and half a cup of bleach or vinegar. To maintain the appropriate rubber supply, apply the mineral oil, lemon oil, or body lotion on the gasket.

8) Re-Place The Food Into The Refrigerator

Before you place the food into the refrigerator, wipe off the jars, Tupperware, or bottles, and put back into the fridge. Do thoroughly check the expiration date of perishable items before reintroducing into the refrigerator.


Rinse The Outside Of The Refrigerator

When it comes to cleaning the exterior surfaces of the refrigerator, rinse in-depth all the side, top, front, and back.

1. Use the appliance glide during the cleaning. It will prevent scratches on the wood floor or tearing linoleum. For in-depth cleaning, pull the fridge forward, and rinse all the exposed sides.

2. With the UV light sterilization, clean the exterior surface with a towel.

3. Do not use a UV light sterilization solution to wiping the coils.


Wipe Off Coils And Fan Blade

The Coils and Fan Blade release the heat back into the ambient air. If your fan blade covered with hair, debris, or dust, your fridge compressor works hard. To make them work in optimal condition, clean your refrigerator condenser after six months.

1. PinPoint The Coils

For care and use manual, you can locate the coil at several places:

1. Beyond the component

2. The coils located in the front accessed via a toe grill.

3. The loop can also find under the unit and can access via the rear panel.

2. Unplug The Refrigerator

 It is quite essential to isolate the refrigerator from its power source to prevent electric shock. 

3. Use the Coil Brush

Cleaning Of Dust Or Dirt From Coil
Cleaning Of Dust Or Dirt From Coil

It is imperative to remove the debris from the coils because without the loop, and you can puncture the coils. 

4. For the condenser fan blade, use the damp rag and a coil brush to remove the litter, dirt, and dust.

5. Spotless The Surrounding Area While Using Rag And Rag

6. Put The Power Back And Test The Unit Back At The Place


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