Cell Phone Charging Stations in Amsterdam Powered by Cycling

While traveling, you might have not expected the row of exercycles in an airport that provides a popular recreation, resulting in mild sweat without an opportunity to shower or change clothes at the same time. It is exactly going on at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport where people are lined up on a bicycle and pedaling non-stop and the reason is it is a bike-powered phone charging station. These bikes are available with comfortable seats and it can charge your cell phones with 30 minutes of cycling.

You can incorporate these bike charging stations during the events that provide an opportunity for the attendees to continue with the informal conversation and networking that also draws the attention of various other audiences. Furthermore, these are a great way to enhance the reliable relation between the people as people prefer to interact with others while they are pedaling. If they will charge their cell phones by pedaling then they can relieve the stress or anxiety to confidently attend the conferences or events.

People using public phone charging station hub

Charge your Cell Phones

The cell phone charging stations powered by cycle consists of a stationary bike, and the charging dock that holds the bike in an upright position to secure the cell phones while they are kept for charging, and you only need to pedal after connecting your cell phones that result in efficient charging. When you start with the process, you will know about your progress report on the LED display as the charging time for their system is the same as your wall outlet.

How cell phone charging stations are beneficial?

With the invention of cell phones, it has become a lifestyle to acquire the latest tech and the Smartphone market has grown significantly in recent years and currently, there are billions of users all over the world who owns the cell phones. It is not possible to prevent the batteries from getting low due to running apps, regular use to make calls, Wi-Fi usage, and a quick processor that you need from a powerful battery. As Smartphone users, your cell phone batteries die instantly and mainly at the moment when you get an important call or when you have to make calls.

Let the cell phone charging devices solve the dead cell phone issues

Phone charging industries are emerging and meeting the needs of all the users who need a quick charge and they are developing the portable as well as public phone charging stations for the business owners. While waiting at the airports you need to charge your cell phones due to which various charging stations are incorporated with different charging tips that allow you to power various devices simultaneously. Furthermore, you don’t have to roam around to find the outlet or the plug to charge your cell phones, as the charging stations can handle everything efficiently.

Woman inserting credit card into locker charging station at trade show convention

Cell Phone Charging Stations

Tips To Prevent Your Cell Phones From Overheating?

Your cell phones mainly get hot due to the outdoor temperatures and their regular use throughout the fun, capturing photos, or making videos. You should take precautions against the sunlight and heat damages by taking some measures to protect your cell phones.

The cell phones mainly get hot due to the battery drainage, forced shutdowns, and the heat from the direct sunlight due to which your cell phones do not restart if they have been forced to shut down due to overheating. Another reason is the regular use of cell phones as when you use your cell phones constantly, your cell phone batteries die due to the cell phone’s temperature.

  • You should protect your cell phones from direct sunlight – It is the easiest way to prevent the overheating so you should not use your cell phones in the direct sunlight as it can catch the light making your cell phone hot.
  • Turn off the apps, not in use – Sometimes you leave the apps open running in the background that makes it harder for your cell phones to work properly and causes them to heat up. The most effective solution is to wipe away the apps that are not in use as these can increase the life of your cell phone batteries.
  • Keep the brightness low as possible – If you will turn on the brightness then it will force your cell phone batteries to work harder, causing more heat. The best solution is to keep your automatic settings of the brightness that can prevent the life of the batteries.
  • Turn on the airplane mode – Airplane mode allows you to use the basic functions of your cell phones and turns of all the other things that are making your cell phone batteries to drain faster.
  • Take off the case – While using your cell phones regularly it gets hot, at that time you should remove your cell phones from the case that makes your cell phones to cool down faster.

How to cool down your hot phone?

If you want to cool down your phone, you need to follow these steps:

  • Keep the applications up-to-date – With the up-gradation of your cell phone apps, you can enhance the efficiency of your cell phones which means they will use very less energy of your device.
  • Separate your cell phones from any other tech – If you are keeping all your devices including your cell phones or tablet together in a bag then you are making them susceptible to overheating. You should keep them separate to avoid the situation of overheating and make them work efficiently without affecting the battery life.
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature – When your cell phones get hot, you mainly think about placing them under the cooler temperature, but the sudden temperature changes can affect the batteries badly leaving them to drain faster.

What are the things that make your cell phones drain faster?

The battery of your cell phone dies faster as their life is measured in a charge cycle which means they get fully charged and discharged many times. You can improve the life of your Android cell phones in the following ways:

Check the apps that are draining your cell phone batteries

You need to go to the battery settings and open the battery icon to see the apps that are using the maximum battery power so if the apps are not using the appropriate power then you should uninstall them to avoid any issues.

Uninstall apps

While removing the apps you need to check the apps and delete those that are not essential but taking up the maximum battery life of your cell phones. You need to tap on the apps and uninstall them to remove the apps that not essential and using the maximum power of your cell phones.

Remove the unnecessary widgets from the home screen

The android apps including the weather apps, social apps, or the news apps they all come with widgets that you will see on your home screen. However, the widgets are the battery drainers that shorten the life of your cell phone usage due to their regular syncing. If you don’t need the regular notifications of the weather, or from the social media accounts then you can remove the widget by holding and dragging them towards the uninstall option.

Closeup of man holding white iPhone outside

Conserve Battery life

Avoid using the mobile data in low-signal areas

Smartphones use more battery power resulting in lowering the battery life when you are using the mobile data in areas with low-signal. If you are in the office or at someone’s house with low-signal areas you can use the Wi-Fi instead of your cellular data. On the contrary, Wi-Fi does not save the life of your cell phone batteries but these uses less battery-power as compared to the mobile data.

Turn off the notifications or cell phones when not in use

If you will keep your cell phones on along with all the connectivity including Bluetooth or Wi-Fi then your battery will drain faster. Furthermore, the notifications pop-up on the screens regularly that can consume a maximum of the battery life so you should turn off the notifications from the unnecessary apps to conserve more battery. The regular notifications from the apps also wake your screen regularly and consume the maximum life of the batteries.

Dim the screens

While using cell phones, you should keep the brightness of the screens low as possible or enable the automatic brightness that automatically sets up the screen brightness according to the natural outside light making it easier for you to use your cell phones without setting the brightness regularly.

Turn on the dark mode

Most of the Android apps have a dark mode, where the background becomes black instead of colored one and with this mode you can save the maximum life of your cell phone batteries. The dark mode of the system saves battery life efficiently and adequately so you should use the dark wallpapers to save the battery. Furthermore, you should avoid the use of live wallpapers that are making your cell phone batteries to drain faster by reducing their life.

Decrease the screen timeout

 You can save the battery by reducing the time of your cell phones to lock; you need to adjust the screen timeout from the settings options. You can adjust the timeout according to your requirements, as if you are reading something on your cell phones you can keep the interval of 30 minutes or if you are using it all then you can reduce it to 10 seconds.

Turn off the vibrations

You should keep your cell phones on ringtones or silent but avoid using the vibration mode as these can make your cell phones to drain faster, so if you want your cell phones last longer, then keep the volume of your cell phones lower, instead of keeping them at vibration mode.

Use the original charger

No doubt, the Android chargers have the universal applicability but it does not mean that you can use any charger for charging your cell phones. It is recommended to use the original or certified chargers approved by the manufacturers to keep the batteries last longer.

The best way to conserve the life of the batteries is to keep them between 40% and 80% as when you charge your cell phones when they become dead, it reduces the lifespan of the batteries. Moreover, you should keep your cell phones up to date by upgrading the apps regularly as these can enhance the efficient functioning of your cell phones in a better manner. 

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