Cell Phone Charging At Your Restaurant: Do or Don’t?

The debate has been going on for quite some time: Should restaurants offer cell phone charging?

Obviously, you’d expect a manufacturer of cell phone charging stations to say “yes.” And we do – for the most part.

Cell Phone Charging Stations at Bars

We’ve seen enormous success with our cell phone charging stations at bars. Why? Because when people don’t have to worry about charging a dead battery, they stay longer. When they stay longer, they buy more drinks. Simple. And also, offering a cell phone charging station at your bar shows that you’re putting your customers’ needs first – and of course, customers like that. But don’t forget – when your patrons use their cell phones, your bar gets tons of free advertising: they’ll be using their charged cell phones to post to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and FourSquare, to name a few – making your bar just as hopping online as it is in real life. You already know the power of word-of-mouth, and online everyone has a bigger audience to sing your praises to.

Cell Phone Charging Stations at Restaurants

This topic is much more contested than offering cell phone charging at bars. Chefs and restauranteurs consider dining to be an experience that shouldn’t be interrupted by cell phone usage – and also, using cell phones at the table can dramatically reduce service times and table turnover. However, consider this: what if you were able to offer this valuable service that your customers will appreciate – while also eliminating the problem of cell phone usage at the table?

Try placing a cell phone charging station in your coat room or in another discreet location. Although many of our clients choose to use our cell phone charging stations to display marketing materials, they can also be custom wrapped to seamlessly match your decor. Also, our newest model (coming in November) can turn any part of your existing design into a cell phone charging station. When your customers’ cell phones are charging away from the table, they will be able to enjoy their meal more fully – and more quickly – than if their phones were in their hands. Plus, by offering this service in a concierge-like manner, you are improving your customers’ impression of your brand as an establishment that respects their every need.

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