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If you sell merch at your event or give away branded swag, you know what a pain it can be to manage the distribution and inventory of your giveaway items. Hiring someone to run your merch table costs time and money, and often there’s no real “wow” factor involved.  If your goal is to have a meaningful interaction with each person who walks away with a piece of merch, you’re not thinking big enough.  What if there was a way to actually engage with each person during and after your event online through a fun experience?

Rather than bringing an extra person with you just to manage your merch, step up your game with the social vending machine!  Our vending machine offers a one-two punch of engagement- it manages the distribution of swag onsite and provides a fun way for guests to interact with your brand online both during and after your event.

This social vending machine can dispense items as small as a business card or as large as a champagne bottle, and it’s powered by social media interactions rather than currency! For example, a Twitter follow might be worth a keychain, or sharing an email address might be worth a water bottle. Once the guest completes the action, the machine dispenses the swag! By connecting to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram via WiFi or Ethernet, we give you the power to connect with your attendees on multiple platforms while giving you the flexibility to favor specific platforms if needed.

With a capacity of 1,100 items, you can choose to offer different types of items to incentivize sharing across multiple platforms, or stock the machine full of the same item to encourage sharing of any type.  The machine can even include a cooling option so you can keep perishable or food and drink prizes cold. Just put your promotional items inside and decide what each one is worth.

The vending machine is also a great way to increase foot traffic or dwell time.  If your main goal is to drive more traffic to a specific area within the event or encourage attendees to linger, consider setting up a social vending machine near those areas.  By doing so, you’ll have an easy way to direct traffic where you need it the most.

Every aspect of the social vending machine can be customized, from the outer wrapper of the machine to the 46” touchscreen.  This allows you to showcase your brand in an eye-catching, prominent way.  You can use our online templates to design your wrapper and screen on your own, rather than picking from a handful of “stock” branding choices.

The Social Vending Machine is cutting-edge, effective, and just plain fun. Guests enjoy the novelty of “purchasing” an item with their social media street cred, and you get the benefit of increased online visibility and new email contacts to add to your marketing database.  By removing the outdated sign-up sheets and email lists from your booth and replacing it with an eye-catching game station, the “gamification” the vending machine provides takes social engagement to the next level.

Ready to set up your own Social Vending Machine? Click hereto learn more and view our pricing.

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