Improve Attendee Satisfaction + Boost ROI

Experiential Marketing

Custom Cell Phone Charging Stations For Your Experiential Events

Lasting Impressions

It’s tough to cut through the clutter – social media, print advertising, billboards, websites, and emails make it difficult to make a lasting impression on today’s sophisticated consumers. Experiential marketing allows you to create an experience consumers enjoy, and tie it to your brand to develop long-term affinity that can increase conversions, lifetime value, and satisfaction in your customers.

Always Appreciated

Experiential marketing doesn’t have to be an elaborate event or campaign – it can be something as simple as offering a free sample, creating a positive experience, or providing a valuable service. You can’t go wrong by providing a service that is simple and always appreciated – such as charging a cell phone.

Increased Brand Affinity

Smartphones do a lot of things really well – but their batteries still leave a lot to be desired, and dead battery panic is a very real problem among today’s consumers. What if you could alleviate the stress of a dead cell phone, and use that positive consumer sentiment to boost your brand?