Custom Locker Cell Phone Charging Station - InCharged

Custom secure locker charging station with 6 chambers.


Custom Branding

We’ll help create a custom skin with any artwork you like.


Self-service access includes use of credit cards, loyalty cards, RFID and more.


Certified cables provide universal supportfor all the latest mobile devices

Full Media

Display a few images or short video clips on the digital screen.


Your Secure Cell Phone Charging Station Solution

User Friendly, Self Service

InCharged has opened up its product line by offering clients not only open port solutions but with the most advanced locker charging station in the United States. Six secure chambers come ready with 3 cables per chamber charging up to 2.7a each. Phone support for Apple iPhone (legacy & new lightning compatible), Samsung, LG, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Android, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola and Thousands More with our dedicated 30-pin, Lightning, Micro USB and USB C charging cables! The Locker can be rented in either a tabletop form or free standing form, single or dual sided, both equally customizable.

Branding Your Custom Locker Cell Phone Charging Station

In order to maximize branding, the InCharged Locker can come equipped with a custom back graphic panel with your own artwork, branding, logos and colors. Our simple templates allow you to fully customize the look and feel of your custom charging station so that you project exactly the message you want and get all the attention you need.

User Friendly, Self Service

All Locker units feature a touch screen interactive display which provides on screen instructions, branded content and access to system settings for advanced configuration as needed. InCharged will pre-load any settings and artwork so you can focus on the rest of your successful event. Users simply swipe their card to gain access, plug in their phone and then swipe their card again to retrieve their phone.

Safe and Secure

One of the great features about the InCharged Locker is it’s safety. With aluminum chambers to keep phones secure and prevent theft, there is no reason to worry about losing a phone or having it stolen. InCharged does not access any data on the phone, nor does it keep credit card information.

RFID Access and Data Integration

If your event uses RFID technology, users can use their unique RFID tags to gain access to their mobile devices in lieu of using a credit card. Not only is this a simple, elegant solution, but it is also integrated with Fish data systems so you can get an even better idea of how your attendees behave at your event. RFID phone charging lockers will keep your guests’ mobile devices safe, secure, and charged up.


Rentals include:

Locker Unit

Custom Graphic User Interface

Custom Chamber Lights

Admin Card/Physical Key

Event Usage Report


Branded Panel

Media/Video Slideshow

Branded Key Cards

RFID Access


Locker Details

The InCharged Locker features six aluminum charging chambers, PCI compliant certified with encrypted card reader and payments, support for 99% of all phones as well as custom branding opportunities.

Stand Height74″
Charging Tips6 charging chambers, 4 certified cords each (Apple Lightning, Apple Legacy 30-pin, MicroUSB and USB-C)
Power100/240v AC with up to 2.7A charging capacity


Custom Solutions

We offer custom solutions. Contact us for more information.