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Mobile Charging Station Case Studies

InCharged Partners With CocaCola To Charge the Theater Experience at CinemaCon

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• Flex

Event planning is a challenging job – especially when you’re doing a “pop-up” booth or station within an event and have to work within existing parameters. But Coca-Cola created an awesome Theater Experience at CinemaCon, and the guests loved it!

Coca-Cola complemented their Theater Experience with a Flex unit featuring a custom skin and their own video on the large HD screen. Guests were surprised and delighted for the opportunity to re-charge their mobile devices, especially since their batteries were working hard as they shared memories on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook all day. Says our contact at Coca-Cola, “The InCharged staff were great, easy to work with – they executed on time with a great unit.”

While guests at CinemaCon were pleasantly surprised to see a cell phone charging station, it’s quickly becoming an expected amenity especially at music festivals and professional conferences. If you’re ready to keep your guests InCharged and make a lasting impression like Coca-Cola did, give us a call or drop us a line!

InCharged Partners With T-Mobile To Charge the Seattle Space Needle

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• Flex

The Seattle Space Needle was built in 1962 for the World’s Fair – which, first held around 1850, was essentially one of the first “conferences” designed to showcase modern achievements from around the globe. Nearly 10 million people attended the 1962 World’s Fair between April and October, experiencing traveling shows such as Elvis Presley, seeing celebrity guest such as Walt Disney, and enjoying exhibits themed around space exploration, modern science, and a progressive future.

In the spirit of innovation, it’s only fitting that the Seattle Space Needle recently decided to take another leap forward and offer a modern, cutting-edge amenity: cell phone charging stations! In a partnership with T-Mobile, InCharged has provided 20 Flex units for the space.

T-Mobile reports “customers are grateful to have a place to charge their phones on site, especially since they are in a venue that hosts sports, music and more events throughout the year. People usually are taking pictures in and around the events, streaming/taking video – so they burn through their batteries very quickly! Customers using the charging station were more likely to engage in conversations with sales reps about their wireless carrier and service. Having the branded machines set up next to our activation area made it an easy transition in conversation to position products and offers. Being able to offer charging products as a solution was a great way to start a conversation and gain more sales.”

It is important that the charging stations don’t interfere with the aesthetic of the iconic Space Needle, and at the same time promote the T-Mobile brand. Our flagship Flex units have a sleek, modern design that is unobtrusive and features HD video screens, which T-Mobile uses to display marketing messages. They also opted to take advantage of our custom skin option to make the units more eye-catching. T-Mobile adds, “These charging stations have withstood heavy use in a high traffic, public area and still look good. They have a modern, streamlined look, eye-catching video display and are easy to maintain. The video loop is on 24/7 . We consistently get thanked by our sponsorship contacts and the public for providing this charging service.”

Cell Phone Charging Stations Boost ROI at New Era Event by Adding “Premium Flair”

New Era

Product Spotlight:
• InBox

Says event administrator Holly Emmons, “We knew people would not have access to any charging throughout the day unless we provided a means for them to do so. Because we wanted our event to be shared on social media, we wanted to make sure everyone had a fully charged phone! Attendees were very impressed and eager to use the cell phone charging station. It added a premium flair to our event, and made people feel like it was our top priority to make them feel like VIPs through extra touches like the charging station. We had it near our product so we had a chance to engage customers while they were charging their phones – people lingered around the cell phone charging stations and were talking about what a cool idea it was!

The premium experience our guests felt definitely helped with our ROI, as they were more willing to spend a little more money for charity knowing that we put a lot of thought into our event and making it better than any other!

Experiential Marketing Firm Boosts Client Sentiment by Offering Cell Phone Charging Service at Exclusive Tech Event


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• Locker
• Table

Attendees at this invite-only tech event were extremely receptive to charging stations provided by InCharged – especially people who came from abroad and would have otherwise needed a plug converter. Experiential marketing firm MKTG INC placed the charging stations in a space with ample seating to ensure meaningful interactions between attendees who were relaxing while waiting for their phones to charge.

Says Account Executive Isidro Malonay, “My colleague used InCharged for a previous event. He was impressed with the ability to brand the chargers and happy with your product – now, I am too! In the Bay Area, tech is vital to our clients. Working in experiential marketing, we have found that giving our attendees a place to charge their phones on their time is much better than having them search for an outlet – plus, no one looks cool sitting on the ground next to a plug. I was happy with the product, the branding, and the usability. I will definitely recommend your product at any event we produce – thank you for the reliable customer service and the easy return shipping! Your team did amazingly.”

Protective Enclosures Uses Cell Phone Charging Stations to Boost ROI at Trade Show

Protective Enclosures Company at InfoComm

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• Flex

Attendees at InfoComm15 were extremely thankful for the cell phone charging stations provided by the Protective Enclosures Company. Plus, PEC employees were excited to meet the people who lingered by the stations and listened attentively as they explained the PEC products.

Says CEO Justin King, “We decided to offer charging stations at our event. We felt they would help to bring captive eyes into our booth by offering a much needed service to attendees – sort of like a modern promo item. Plus, since we work in a similar industry, we thought this would be a good “value add” to attendees. The stations definitely offered my staff a greater opportunity to speak with potential clients while their phones charged. Anything that attracts more attendees to our booth boosts our ROI!”

Cell Phone Charging Stations Boost Sponsor Visibility at INC Events
INC GrowCo

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• Flex
• InBox

At the INC Event GrowCo in Nashville, T-Mobile sponsored InCharged cell phone charging stations as an added amenity for the attending entrepreneurs. Many stopped by and stuck around to allow their phones to charge, giving the brand a chance to make a solid long-lasting impression. Attendees enjoyed interacting with the customized media displayed on the HD display screens while waiting for their mobile devices to recharge.

Says INC Event Coordinator Shannon Byrd, “We host events for entrepreneurs which means that they can’t be disconnected from the world at any point, so charging stations are a must. Attendees really enjoyed the charging stations – I feel like they really utilized them whenever they had a moment. It definitely came in handy for our sponsors to really see possible customers using the charging stations and to take that opportunity to showcase their brand. We use an app during our events which always has pretty good engagement, but it definitely helped that attendees could keep their phones charged to use it! I would say that the cell phone charging stations definitely boosted our ROI for the event – you really can’t host an event these days without offering that to your attendees.”

Cell Phone Charging Stations Critical at Social Media Events

The Shorty Awards

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• Flex

The Shorty Awards is an event focused on highlighting exceptional social media – so enabling attendees to stay connected with their mobile devices was a no-brainer. Leasing cell phone charging stations was crucial to ensure the success of the event. The Shorty Awards production team decided to choose InCharged cell phone charging stations after seeing them at other events. Our InFuse Standing and InBox cell phone charging stations were a great fit because of their sleek design, multimedia capabilities, and open charging bays which allowed attendees to continue using their mobile devices as they charged.

Says Producer Nik Aliye, “Our attendees were very enthusiastic and engaged with the stations…people were thrilled to be able to power up throughout the event. Our attendees usually do a great job of sharing the evening on their social channels – thanks to the charging stations, the drop off we usually experience later in the night as people’s phones died didn’t occur.”

InCharged cell phone charging stations are a great way to prolong the exposure of your event – the more attendees are able to use their mobile devices, the more interaction you will see on your social channels. And when your brand is highly visible on social media it helps to build not only awareness, but also trust and affinity. Providing complimentary cell phone charging services at your next event is a surefire way to boost both your exposure and your ROI – just ask the production team of the leading social media event in the industry!

Nik continues, “Lots of people mentioned that they loved the charging stations in person, and I think we saw that reflected on our social media as well. I absolutely think the charging stations were a huge asset to our event and we absolutely saw a peak in our social sharing from our attendees. I’m confident that they made a huge impact on our ROI for the event and we’ll definitely be using InCharged next year. We’re very happy with how the partnership went and look forward to continuing next year!”


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