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This year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), many were focused on completely cutting the cord for a totally wireless charging experience people would actually want to use. With the amount of smart devices we use growing every year, it can be tedious to keep everything charged. Having to...

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We’ve offered wireless charging capabilities for quite some time now, but until recently most smartphones were not equipped with inductive charging technology. Now that the technology has officially gone mainstream with Starbucks offering wireless cell phone charging, we wanted to share some more information about Qi inductive wireless charging...

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Microsoft Mobile partnered with British designer Adrien Sauvage to design a pair of pants with electromagnetic induction charging plates in the pockets. They will be shortly available on Amazon, but the price is a steep $340. Says Microsoft Mobile UK marketing director Adam Johnson, “We’re passionate about having experiences...

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At InCharged, we rely on charging cords to provide the fastest, safest, and most secure cell phone charging – but devices with wireless charging capabilities are slowly hitting the market. Is it a thing of the future- or just a fad? According to Consumer Reports, new vehicles will begin...

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