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If you search for “mobile charging station”, you’ll see that there is no shortage of companies out there leasing and selling charging units. Many of these companies offer similar products at similar price points, and it may be hard to decide who to trust with your investment. Luckily for...

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If you’re looking to lease a charging station for an ongoing event or purchase a charging station outright, you may be concerned with making an investment in technology that could be obsolete by next year. As the mobile phone industry continues to innovate at a rapid pace so does mobile...

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It’s no secret that purchasing a new cell phone can be expensive, and recent findings by the FTC reveal that the price may be higher than necessary thanks to a single company.

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Some of the higher-profile tech advancements over the past year have been virtual reality devices and self-driving cars, but there’s another portion of the tech industry that’s poised to grow significantly over the upcoming years. Beacons, or Bluetooth low energy devices, are expected to grow significantly due to their...

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Are you ready to make an investment in a customized charging solution? Whether you’re looking to make a charging station investment for a single event, lease a station for a long-term period, or purchase a station for your place of business, charging stations are a sound asset that will do...

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