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Are you ready to make an investment in a customized charging solution? Whether you’re looking to make a charging station investment for a single event, lease a station for a long-term period, or purchase a station for your place of business, charging stations are a sound asset that will do...

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One of the main reasons to lease or purchase an InCharged charging station is to promote your business or brand, but without a clear vision of what you’re trying to advertise you may find yourself left with too many possibilities. If you’re looking for a unique way to market...

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  If you’ve been in the event industry for awhile, you remember what event sponsorships used to be like: a strategically-located banner, logos placed on name tags, or advertising space sold in programs. But with an ever-growing number of events to choose from, sponsors want more than just logo...

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Have you ever been ignored by someone in person because he or she was on her cell phone? What about having the privilege of being behind someone in line who is attempting to order food while talking on his or her phone? We’ve all encountered awkward or frustrating social...

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Taylor Swift’s fans can get the ultimate experience at Xfinity’s touchpoints on her 1989 tour. The Xfinity Zone is a cutting-edge experiential marketing campaign designed to promote the brand’s products in a seamless consumer experience. Fans can speak into a remote and hear a greeting from Taylor Swift as...

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