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Charging your phone may seem as simply as just plugging it in, but this isn’t necessarily true. Bad charging habits can serious harm your phone and reduce your battery life overall. You may have heard people claim you need to let your battery drain completely before recharging or that...

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Do you find yourself needing to charge your phone multiple times a day? If you find yourself frequently running out of battery life, you may want to think about changing your charging habits. Take a look at our tips and tricks for boosting your battery life and ask yourself...

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Are you tired of having to charge your phone daily, sometimes multiple times a day? If you’re looking to have a less rigorous charging schedule (and want to keep using your phone normally), British fuel-cell developer Intelligent Energy Holdings may have a solution for you.

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to rely on your phone but knew you had to go for a long time between charges? A road trip in an older car or a long flight can have you singing the battery life blues- especially if...

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Taylor Swift’s fans can get the ultimate experience at Xfinity’s touchpoints on her 1989 tour. The Xfinity Zone is a cutting-edge experiential marketing campaign designed to promote the brand’s products in a seamless consumer experience. Fans can speak into a remote and hear a greeting from Taylor Swift as...

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