Improve Attendee Satisfaction + Boost ROI

Trade Show Marketing

Custom Cell Phone Charging Stations For Your Trade Show Events

Maximize ROI

No matter how eye-catching your display is, it can be tough to catch and keep people’s attention at a trade show – even expensive giveaways can get lost in the chaos. Once you’ve made an investment in a trade show, it’s important to maximize your ROI.

Increased Foot Traffic

A cell phone charging station is a unique idea that will attract potential clients, keep them around long enough for a conversation, and make a positive and long-lasting first impression.

More Face Time

Trade show charging stations provide both display advertising and experiential marketing: they provide the safest, most efficient, and fastest charge on the market, and offer an HD screen where you can showcase your business with media that pops. We’ll even shrink wrap your mobile charging station with custom graphics to match your decor or branding.