Improve Attendee Satisfaction + Boost ROI

Mall / Theme Park Marketing

Custom Cell Phone Charging Stations For Your Experiential Events

Longer Visits

If customers don’t have to worry about going home to charge a mobile device, they’ll spend longer at your store – and if they spend longer, they are more likely to purchase more. Plus, our cell phone charging stations are completely brand-able and offer 20″ HD screens to display your media – you can use them to feature sales, new products, or exclusive discounts. Learn more about making advertising efforts more effective by turning them into experiential marketing.

Improved Guest Experience

Experiential marketing doesn’t have to be an elaborate event or campaign – it can be something as simple as offering a free sample, creating a positive experience, or providing a valuable service. You can’t go wrong by providing a service that is simple and always appreciated – such as charging a cell phone.

Custom Solutions

Our flagship models can be skinned with artwork that matches your space, but if you prefer a more subtle cell phone charging station we can build completely customizable mobile charging solutions that integrate our proprietary technology into your space with minimal ambient disruption. We can install our cell phone charging technology in tables, chairs, shelves – even items like our lamps or design accessories. Learn more about our customized cell phone charging solutions.