Improve Attendee Satisfaction + Boost ROI

Arena Marketing

Custom Cell Phone Charging Stations For Your Guest

Increased Engagement

Over 85% of customers attending events at arenas have cell phones – and if you’re lucky, they’ll spend most of the event Tweeting, Instagramming, texting, and sharing their experience. The free advertising is great – until their batteries die and your social media space goes dark.

Online Presence

Provide cell phone charging services for your guests, and your online presence will stay steady! It can be difficult to provide an exceptional experience for attendees at your arena. Bright digital displays are an obvious choice for sponsors, but fans are often overstimulated by the visual clutter. Branded cell phone charging kiosks are a service that make a lasting impression on consumers.

Marketing Opportunities

Our mobile charging stations can be shrink wrapped with sponsor messaging, logos, team colors, or even a design that matches your decor. Our flagship cell phone charging kiosk features a 20” HD display that can show any media you choose- even a live stream of your event so guests don’t miss the action while they recharge. We can even design a fully customized solution for your arena.