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Operating system updates are intended to improve the performance of devices, but Apple’s latest OS has significantly reduced the battery life of the iPhone 5. All of the Apple devices took a battery life hit with iOS 7, but the iPhone 5’s battery now only lasts 67% as long...

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July is coming to an end, and the heat just keeps on rising. Because of the higher temperatures and humidity, people have been keeping air conditioning on all day and all night. Power companies strain to stay operational with the surge in power usage, and brownouts are a very...

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At InCharged, we rely on charging cords to provide the fastest, safest, and most secure cell phone charging – but devices with wireless charging capabilities are slowly hitting the market. Is it a thing of the future- or just a fad? According to Consumer Reports, new vehicles will begin...

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Look for us at the Joseph L. Bruno Stadium in Troy, NY during all of the Tri-City ValleyCats’ home games until September! We’ve partnered with National Grid to help you enjoy the things you love most. You no longer have to worry about your dead cell phone battery –...

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InCharged will be at the Firefly Music Festival from July 20-22! The Firefly Music Festival is the East Coast’s premier music experience. Firefly offers three days of unforgettable musical performances, world-class dining and interactive entertainment set among lush wooded landscapes in the heart of the East Coast. Look for...

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