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Charging stations at trade shows.

At trade shows, it can be challenging to catch and keep people’s attention for long enough to make a lasting impression. No matter how eye-catching your trade show booth is, it’s still competing with hundreds of others – and even your expensive giveaways often get lost in the shuffle. You’ve likely devoted a large part of your marketing budget to sponsoring a booth at a trade show – don’t let it go to waste! Now you just need to implement a unique booth idea that will draw potential clients to you, keep them around long enough to have that ever-important first conversation, and make a lasting impression.

Given the large number of attendees at trade shows and conferences and our increasing reliance on mobile devices, it’s incredible that cell phone charging stations are not more widely available. Even at some of the biggest digital trade shows where the entire conference is live-Tweeted, Instagrammed, and SnapChatted, attendees still scramble for sparse and awkwardly-placed outlets to recharge their mobile devices – and they linger there for as long as it takes to recharge.

What if you offered a convenient location at a trade show where people could charge their phones and tablets without having to lean up against a wall to make sure it doesn’t get stolen? What if you had twenty or thirty unhurried minutes of your potential client’s time while he waited for his phone to recharge? If you offer a cell phone charging station at your next trade show booth, you can guarantee yourself a monumental increase in foot traffic, as well as a lasting impression with a positive brand association.

How to Set up a Cell Phone Charging Station at Your Trade Show Booth:

Setting up a cell phone charging station is certainly a unique booth idea, and it’s not as complex as you may think. All you need are power strips, a space for visitors to place their phones (optional bonus: stools to perch on while they wait), a video monitor, and a multi-charging device.

To a trade show attendee, the main benefit of a cell phone charging station is that they don’t have to leave their device unattended while they wait for it to charge, or waste precious time waiting by an awkwardly placed power outlet. In order to make your trade show booth charging station appealing, you need to have somewhere in plain sight where they can leave their cell phones and tablets – and if you have the space, seats will make visitors more comfortable so they will linger even longer. And like any trade show booth, you should also have a digital display (a monitor, computer, or even a tablet) playing a sizzle reel or presentation of what your company has to offer – this will spark conversation and add some extra brand association to your cell phone charging station.

Maximize the Effects of your Unique Trade Show Booth

Once you have your cell phone charging station ready to go, make sure you get as much visibility as you can! First, ensure your signage has “Charge your phone here!” or other copy to make it clear that trade show attendees are welcome to recharge their mobile devices at your booth. Another idea is to take the opportunity to connect online: business cards can quickly get lost or forgotten, so instead of swapping them after having a productive conversation, why not connect on LinkedIn right away while visitors have their cell phones in their hands? Send a quick personalized email to open a line of communication right away and make a long-lasting first impression.

Regardless of your budget or industry, offering conference attendees a cell phone charging station is a unique trade show booth idea guaranteed to increase positive brand sentiment and make a lasting impression – contact us today to learn more!

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