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By: incharged On: October 13, 2017 In: Blog Comments: 0

InCharged is proud to offer a full line of charging solutions to fit the needs of any event planner. We understand that saving money is critical at each and every turn of your event planning process, regardless of the size of your budget. That’s why we’re focused on providing...

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By: incharged On: October 06, 2017 In: Blog Comments: 0

We know all too well that a dead phone at an event means two things for any event attendee: They’ll have fewer opportunities to engage with your event They’ll do just about ANYTHING to charge it

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Selling event sponsorships can be difficult. If you’ve ever hosted a conference, trade show, or festival, you probably know just how important a key sponsorship can be for your event success. Event sponsors generate capital for your event, help get the word out across multiple channels, and can ease...

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Can you think of the scarcest resource on earth?  The answer may surprise you- it’s not oil, gold, or some type of rare gem.  In fact, the rarest and most coveted resource these days is attention.

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For event planners and marketers, the most important takeaway from their event is the return on investment (ROI). ROI can be a notoriously difficult metric to track, but with a bit of preparation and foresight, you can easily measure your returns. Before you start digging into your returns, you’ll...

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