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By: incharged On: August 18, 2017 In: Blog Comments: 0

Every event organizer has a vision for their ideal event space. You’ve worked hard to curate your event atmosphere and, even if you’re working with pre-existing furniture, you’ve likely gotten everything exactly the way you’d like. If you’re struggling to find a way to add charging stations in a...

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By: incharged On: August 11, 2017 In: Blog Comments: 0

It’s no secret that InCharged offers a wide range of charging options to fit anyone’s needs, and many of our units were developed based directly on the needs of our customers.  For today’s post, we’re highlighting one of our most unique and eye-catching charging options- the Charging Table.

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From Snore to Give Me More: Top 3 Ways to Get More Leads at Trade Shows Let’s face it: trade shows are tough. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of exhibitors. Your industry competitors are all around you, sometimes as far as the eye can see. All...

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By: incharged On: July 28, 2017 In: Blog Comments: 0

If you search for “mobile charging station”, you’ll see that there is no shortage of companies out there leasing and selling charging units. Many of these companies offer similar products at similar price points, and it may be hard to decide who to trust with your investment. Luckily for...

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By: incharged On: July 25, 2017 In: Blog Comments: 0

We owe all of our success to our loyal clients – you have allowed us to not only further develop charging solutions to suit your specific needs but also to change the overall culture and the way we do business at InCharged. At InCharged, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction....

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