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By: incharged On: May 12, 2017 In: Blog Comments: 0

Many charging stations require an external power source, and while this isn’t a problem for most event hosts and locations, outdoor events or venues with unique floorplans can have limited access to power. We’ve taken this into consideration and are excited to announce our new Battery Pack option!

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By: incharged On: May 03, 2017 In: Blog Comments: 0

As Spring is upon us, you’re likely cleaning out the layer of dust and grime Winter has left behind. Between mopping the floors, scrubbing the bathroom, and generally tidying up, there’s something you use more than any other appliance that you’ve probably left off of your cleaning list.

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By: incharged On: April 28, 2017 In: Blog Comments: 0

An Italian judge has ruled that excessive cellphone use resulted in brain cancer for one Telecom Italia employee.   The judge sided with the employee who claimed that multiple hours of daily cell phone use over the span of 15 years caused him to develop a brain tumor that led...

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By: incharged On: April 21, 2017 In: Blog Comments: 0

If you’re searching for a way to connect with event attendees, look no further than the ultimate conversation starter- the charging table! Our charging cocktail tables come equipped with 9 smartphone charging tables, 6 open USB ports and 3 A/C outlets, so there’s power for devices of all shapes...

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By: incharged On: April 11, 2017 In: Blog Comments: 0

Sponsoring an industry event is a time-tested way to increase brand visibility and close new business – but you’re no longer limited to old techniques such as booths, giveaways, and business cards. With cell phone charging stations, you can make your investment go much further and stretch the value...

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