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Maximize your charging station experience with these accessories and add-ons.

InCharged products are designed to work flawlessly by themselves, but they are also adaptable so you can maximize the value and convenience of your own charging stations. From custom cases to wheels and additional warranties, you can choose from a selection of additional options to get the most value out of your mobile charging station.

Travel and Shipping Cases

Let’s face it: we all know events can get hectic during setup and breakdown. With our custom traveling and shipping cases, it only takes one person to move an entire charging station (or two!). All cases are made from a sturdy polycarbonate material with wheels and handles for optimum mobility. The cases also allow for a much quicker, more efficient, and more eco-friendly setup and breakdown since you no longer need to worry about packaging the unit. Simply slide the unit pieces into designated slots within the cases and your charging station is good to go.

Anything Happens Plan

InCharged offers an industry-leading 3 Year Warranty that covers all internal parts and manufacturing defects standard with all charging stations. If you notice anything wrong with your charging station or experience any challenges, just reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help. This warranty does not cover any damage done due to improper shipping techniques, careless usage of the unit, or unauthorized modifications of the unit. For more peace of mind, our extended warranty will cover your mobile charging station for 5 years with an included technology upgrade, cable swaps, and a new rewrap along with additional features. Contact us for more information.

WiFi Capabilities

Through a strategic partnership with a top WiFi provider, our mobile charging stations can be equipped with WiFi for you and your customers. Use it as an additional source of revenue, or simply extend your brand image with a customized landing page. Portable WiFi is especially valuable when hosting an event in a location where cellular coverage is spotty – use a WiFi-enabled charging kiosk to keep your guests connected AND InCharged!

Locking Wheel Casters

The Flex Standing models (S and SD) can become even more portable with casters fastened into the base plate. Adding wheels to your mobile charging station allows you to easily position it exactly where it needs to be without any lifting. Mobile charging kiosks are a perfect option for an event that utilizes multiple spaces, an instance in which you don’t know the floor plan of your space ahead of time, or for long-term rentals and purchases. Wheels also eliminate the need to set up the unit directly in its intended location, reducing hassle for event setup and breakdown: the charging stations can be set up in one place, and easily wheeled to another destination as necessary.

Custom Cord Configuration

After extensive research, we have determined the most popular phones and devices used by the average user and designed our mobile charging stations accordingly. Our cell phone charging stations provide industry-standard support for all devices on the market, but since our units are all custom-built, we can create any configuration you choose.

Cable Replacements

All of our products have been recently re-designed so that you can easily replace any broken cables at your own convenience without incurring additional fees for tech support. As soon as a cable breaks, or you want to swap one out for a new cable type that was recently released, you can do it on the spot. Our grip and lock design makes sure cables are locked into place to avoid vandalism or theft, while still allowing you the option of quickly and simply swapping cables out.

Extra Security Features

For an extra layer of security, InCharged can provide additional security options to help lock the cell phone charging units in place. Whether it is a safety cable with a lock, industrial adhesive, or a simple tie, we will work with you to develop a custom solution depending on your needs.

Remote Management – No Monthly Fee

Our default setup allows you to manually load videos and images to the Flex charging stations. However, if you would like more advanced controls on timing and layouts as well as remote access to the charging station, we offer equipment to make that happen. This additional service enables you to connect your charging stations to WiFi and monitor the media displays wherever you are. You’ll also have control over multiple units at once under the same account, making it easy to complete bulk updates and routine management tasks.

Art Design Services

Not everyone has the convenience of an in-house art department, so the InCharged art team can work with you to design a custom skin for your mobile charging station. Design services for all of our charging units start at $95 per mockup, including two revisions. Just send us your logo along with any colors or text you’d like to appear on the branded wrap, and we’ll take care of the rest. This is also a great option if your team is busy and won’t be able to meet the production deadlines we provide. Our turn around time is 1-2 business days on custom design services for most orders.

Flex – Conversion Package

All of our Flex units were designed to be modular. Because of this we are able to offer varying baseplates and shelves to convert your Flex purchase from a standing unit to a tabletop unit to a wall mount unit. If you have two charging stations you can order additional baseplates and shelves to convert two of your single units into a dual/double sided option. This package provides you with full customization on your charging station placement without needing to purchased different models or products.

Custom Solutions

We offer custom solutions. Call us for more information.