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Event planners transcend simply being a provider of “things.” Whether your event is focused on entertainment, technology, transportation, or food, being in the business of planning and executing events means being in the business of creating shared experiences.

Event attendees are more likely to share their experiences when they’re more meaningful and memorable. When a person feels a personal reaction or connection to something, they naturally want to share it with others. This may mean sharing a photo or video online, tweeting about their experience, or texting or calling friends or families directly. Regardless of their chosen platform, your event attendees will certainly get the word out about the experience you’ve provided- as long as its striking enough to forge a connection.

So how can you curate your event so that people want to share their experience?

  1. Present Valuable, Entertaining Content
    No matter what type of event you’re hosting, there will likely be some interesting information about your organization, brand, or product that attendees will not know before walking in the door. Making your attendees aware of this content can help them make a connection with you based on fact, and may encourage them to share your event if they think it could potentially influence others or encourage action.
  2. Focus On Your Audience Demographic
    Think about activities or experiences that are common for everyone, but more importantly those within your target demographic. Don’t stress about providing an experience that’s equally captivating for young and old alike. If you understand who attends your events in the first place, you’ll have a better idea of what types of interactions might affect them more.
  3. Be Original, Be Authentic
    Try to avoid over-the-top spectacles if that’s not true to your brand. Providing a way to connect honestly to your business or organization is a sure-fire way to get attendees to share their connection to you. In some cases, being authentic can be more important than being unique, so don’t focus too much on creating an experience the likes of which has never been seen.
  4. Preparation Is Key
    The last thing any event organizer wants is their event to generate buzz for all the wrong reasons. Take the Fyre Festival as a glaring example. Their negligence, lack of planning, and general lack of transparency got them more exposure than they could’ve ever hoped for. When planning your event, make sure you have a contingency plan for almost everything.. How comfortable and enjoyable is your rain plan if your event is rain or shine? Have you heard the speakers working, viewed the projecting screen in action, and personally tested the wifi connection? Manage your time well so you can spend a fair amount of it focusing on the fine details. Put yourself in your attendees’ shoes and ask yourself if anything could be better, before they have the chance to tell the world.

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