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We owe all of our success to our loyal clients – you have allowed us to not only further develop charging solutions to suit your specific needs but also to change the overall culture and the way we do business at InCharged.

At InCharged, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We have a duty to make every client happy and to understand your reasoning if not. But what makes InCharged different than other charging companies?

We create charging solutions that are meant to work a lifetime, which is why we recently implemented a lifetime warranty. This strategic move helps us to create positive, lasting relationships with our clients: we want our clients to be assured that our solutions are a durable and lasting investment.

In the event planning business, shipping fees are rarely shown up front. A company will often tell you one price without mentioning the hidden fees such as shipping, handling, and drayage costs. At InCharged, we have no hidden fees and we pride ourselves on offering free shipping to our clients. We understand the frustration that hidden fees can cause – especially when shipping costs can easily double the quote you were originally given. 

When planning for an event, timing is a critical detail – but often things get lost in the shuffle, and details are forgotten until the last minute. But don’t sweat it – at InCharged, we offer next-day service. We understand that clients may have last minute requests, so we wanted to create a flexible atmosphere so we are able to help clients with these specific needs.

High-volume businesses send out incorrect orders more often than they would like to admit – but you can trust InCharged, because with us your order will be done correctly and on time or it’s free. Every order goes through a strict quality control check. We want to ensure our clients are happy and that everything goes as planned.

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